Wardell Milan’s Lush Mixed Media

"Two warriors looking for euphoria," 2018 © Wardell Milan

“Two warriors looking for euphoria,” 2018 © Wardell Milan

When I first came across Wardell Milan’s work a few years ago, it was on my computer, or perhaps on my phone. I was digging through various galleries’ sites and art-laden Instagram feeds, on which someone vigilant posted Milan’s name along with the image, so I was ultimately directed straight to the artist himself. Seeing his work on-screen, especially a screen so tiny, is world’s apart from the experience of standing before them, sinking into the depths and dimensions of color and shape—and over the past several years, his work has only grown stronger.

While his first West Coast exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery closed a couple weeks ago, In Rainbows remains on view at the gallery through March 16. From the press release: “Incorporating drawing, painting, photography and collage, Milan’s Parisian Landscapes: Blue in Green introduces the artist’s figurative works in a variety of media. In scenes of freedom and desire, conflict and violence, Milan situates fractured bodies in ambiguous spaces.”

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