DUMMY AWARD KASSEL 2014: The 3 winners


The International Fotobookfestival Kassel has been created six years ago. It took place last year at the Documenta Halle in Kassel in October 2013 and the next festival’s edition will be organized at the same place in June 2015. In 2014, the Fotobookfestival is hosted by The PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne: all books nominated for the « Best Books of the year » and all shortlisted books for the « Dummy Award » are presented now until the 3rd of October 2014 at The_PBM.

Dummy Award Kassel @ The PhotoBookMuseum Cologne

The three winners of the Dummy Award 2014 (maquettes of so far unpublished photo books) were announced on the 23rd of August in Cologne after deliberation of the jury made of seven experts:

Cristina De Middel (Photographer, London)
Deanna Templeton (Photographer, Huntington Beach, California)
Todd Hido (Photographer, San Francisco)
Carlos Spottorno (Photographer, Madrid)
Manik Katyal (Emaho Magazine, Delhi)
Benjamin Füglister (European Photography, Berlin)
Richard Reisen (k-books, Cologne)

The prizes for the Dummy Award 2014 were given to:

  1. Irina Rozovsky for her book: Island on my mind
  2. Mafalda Rakoš, Iuna Vieira, Raphael Reichl for their book: 3rd Generation
  3. Hajime Kimura for his book: Scrap Book

The winner of the First Prize will be given the opportunity to realize the dummy as a « real » book in cooperation with the festival’s partner, k-books, and the Second and Third Prizes are receiving a book production voucher


Irina Rozovsky
Island on my mind

101© Irina Rozovsky / Photobookfestival Kassel

Irina Rozovsky was born in Moscow and grew up in the Boston area. She received a BA in French and Spanish Literature from Tufts University and an MFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art. Her work has been published and exhibited in the United States and abroad. Irina lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at the International Center of Photography.


Mafalda Rakoš, Iuna Vieira, Raphael Reichl
3rd Generation
+ My choice! +

08© Mafalda Rakoš, Iuna Vieira, Raphael Reichl / Photobookfestival Kassel

« 3rd Generation  is a collective social documentary photo-book project which shows the lives, opinions, and thoughts of Israeli and Palestinian youth using a very individualistic and personal approach. The photogonist’s stories in the book are told through pictures, interviews, and texts. It is realized by Iuna Vieira (photography on the Istraeli side), Mafalda Rakoš (photography on the Palestinian side), and Raphael Reichl (graphic design). » (extract from Mafalda Rakoš website)

Mafalda Rakoš
was born 1994 and grew up in Vienna, Austria. She attended Vienna Institute of Graphic Design and Audiovisual Media, department of photography. She has realized various long-time projects in Vienna and other regions of the world such as the Middle East and West Africa. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers (‘die Presse’, ‘das biber’) and was shown in various festivals such as Encontros da Imagem Festival, Portugal, and Voies Off, Arles, Kolga Tblisi Festival, Georgia as well as in Vienna. In 2013, she and her two colleagues were awarded the “Jugendinnovativ-Prize” for their collective bookproject “3rd Generation”. In 2013 as well, she was awarded the Prix Revelation SAIF during Festival Voies Off at Rencontres d’Arles for her series “Il y a des jours sombres.” She graduated from High School in 2013 and enrolled her studies in anthropology at Vienna University while at the same time pursuing her own photographic projects and doing commissioned work.

Iuna Vieira
grew up and works in Vienna, Austria, and graduated from Vienna’s School of Media – Department of Photography in 2013. Since 2010, she has been focusing on social documentary photography, and started working on long and short term projects in Austria and abroad. She works as a freelancer for different NGOs and organizations. From 2011 to 2013 she implemented the book-project ‘3rd Generation’ along with two colleagues about Israeli and Palestinian youth within the Middle East conflict, which won various contests, such as Jugend Innovativ’s First Prize in the Design category. The photo-book is part of “Schönste Bücher Österreichs” (Austria’s Most Beautiful Books) and was exhibited in various countries. In 2013, she spend four months in Brazil volunteering, implementing a project, and working as a photographer for an NGO. She attended various international Photo Festivals and Portfolio Reviews (such as the Lumix, visa pour l’image in Perpignan and many more) and exhibited her work in group exhibitions in Vienna and on a solo exhibition at Encontras da imagem International Photo Festival in Braga, Portugal.


Hajime Kimura
Scrap Book

09© Hajime Kimura / Photobookfestival Kassel

Hajime Kimura
is a Japanese photographer born in 1982. He was raised in Chiba prefecture just outside Tokyo. Having studied architecture and anthropology at University, he began his career in 2006. His work “Solitary” awarded “Tokyo Documentary Photo Workshop Scholarship” in 2011. His first long-term project “MATAGI” focused on Japanese ancient tribe in Nigata prefecture for 5 years was published in 2012. In the same year he participated in World press photo Joop swart masterclass in Amsterdam. In January, 2013 his private work “Man and Dog” won the 2nd prize of Vattenfall photo annual award in Berlin and exhibited at CO Berlin. His first photobook “KODAMA” won the first prize of IPA photobook Asia award 2013 in Singapore, the special prize of Konica PHOTO PREMIO 2013 in Tokyo and has been widely featured in a number of publications including TIME, New York Times, Newsweek, Le Monde Magazine and others. These past couple of years he has been based in Japan while also covering China and India.


48 shortlisted books for the Photobook Dummy Award Kassel 2014
were chosen by: Tamara Berghmans (Fotomuseum Antwerpen), Angel Luis Gonzales Fernandez (PhotoIreland, Dublin), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Jeffrey Ladd (Photographer, Cologne), Dieter Neubert (Fotobookfestival, Kassel), Markus Schaden (ThePhotoBookMuseum, Cologne) and Stephanie von Spreter (Fotogalleriet, Oslo).

They will be further exhibited at international photo events in Cologne, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Paraty and São Paulo: