Lydia Goldblatt’s “Still here” and a book on early colour


So I must admit I was not very productive so far this month an the month is almost over today.
But not having been in the office for the day (a trip to Zurich for two meetings
about new projects) I now look at my emails and that again proofs my and most
likely everybody’s dilemma -  “emails”! Hundreds of them – every day. Most of them
just cc’s and so so’s but hidden in between important projects, problems, new
oportunities, award notifications (like today for “Western Town” – not a photobook)
etc. and my colleague Barbara reminding me about the blog and now already rather late
in the evening in front of me another new book (September is the worst month
of the year as it seems there is a new book almost everyday, so each book only
has a short attention span on my table).

This time it is


“Lydia Goldblatt -  Still Here”.
A small and very untypical book (again) for Hatje Cantz.  A Photobook without a Photograph on the cover (worst case from my point of view normally), but carefully crafted and beautifully photographed. The book presents a very intimate portrait of the authors parents. Pictures she took in two years time and the title is very carefully chosen – Still here, a very personal documentation that could appeal to all of us that still have parents of the same age or have lost them recently.  A silent book that hopefully get’s all the attention it deserves. Again you have the chance to see it at Paris Photo and Lydia Goldblatt will be there to sign the book. And while looking at new books of Hatje Cantz I also briefly need to mention a book that looks so humble and unaspiring but has such great content:

“1914. Welt in Farbe – Farbfotografie vor dem Krieg”

20130927_092253 20130927_092329

Unfortunately only in German language so far this book presents a selection of images from the Archives of Albert Kahn. Currently the exhibition is at the LandesMuseum Bonn until March 2014 and will then travel to the Martin Gropiusbau in Berlin. I will need to travel to this archive in a suburb of Paris 14 rue du Port, Boulogne-Billancourt,, while going to Paris Photo in November.The archive houses some tenthousands of autochromes Albert Kahn comissioned in the first decades of  the 20th century. He sent photographers around the globe to document the world and human life in colour photography. Our book can only show a small selection but the quality of the photographs is outstanding, the fact that they are in colour brings another dimension to the image we have of this time – hey there was colour on earth and in life even before the 50′s!!!

There seems to be a lot of interest in the “earliest colour photography” books these days. I remember our own
Heinrich Kühn book and also Gestalten’s “Nostalgia” book ( Both books at least got a lot of media attention and I can tell that the Kühn book sold well!

So much for now and today and on to the next blogger in October! See you all at Paris Photo I hope!