Thank you and Goodnight!


Well, the month has come to an end and it is time for me to hand this forum over to Damien Zimmermann who will be the guest host of the Hatje Cantz Fotoblog for June!

I have packed up my library and I am moving on – moving, that is, from Koeln’s city center out to Kalk Kapelle! I want to thank Hatje Cantz for their invitation for me to share in these early stages of the Fotoblog and I hope that some of my contributions were interesting for you readers.


For those wanting to follow more of my articles on photography and books I encourage you add the newly launched 4B5 Books and Photography Blog to your reading list (a twin sister to my old 5B4 Photography and Books blog) where I will be resuming occasional blogging duties.

Best regards and happy book hunting!

Jeffrey Ladd