POLAROID 1: Instant Fox.

5x4 Instant film


To quickly re-cap:I found a pack of discontinued and very rare Polaroid film in an old camera case. I was kindly asked to do this blog and so I am using the opportunity to explore re- occurring themes that come up in my work.One such theme is Process. Not only photographic – that is to say, working in the darkroom or even on the computer but the actual process of making an image. How do we arrive at an image?How was it formulated?What does it mean?
Above you can see todays photograph. I hope you like it! I certainly do. I enjoy looking at it. Although this morning when I awoke I did not think to myself that I would photograph a fox on my 5×4. And yet there he is sitting calmly amongst flowers. The pastel hues in the Polaroid are pleasing. The ’tilt-shift’ effect is subtle yet helps focus the eye towards the fox. The composition is intriguing and the lighting serves to gently confuse the brain so that you have to work a little to understand the image.

Now let me tell you about my day. I woke very early in order to get to to the flower wholesalers where I rummaged around the bins looking for dead or dying flowers. I think Polaroid images of dead flowers are a great metaphor for this notion of the death of film. So my plan today was to shoot dead flowers as my second blog entry and first Polaroid ( remember I only have 8 shots).

I was to talk about the supposed death of analogue photography to accompany the picture.
But my flowers are not dead enough! They are squashed and bashed but still vibrant. I need to wait. So I set about hanging the flowers upside down in order to hasten their death. My little studio smells wonderful and a visitor today commented on how lovely the flowers looked, arranged in such a way.

So now we see how process is starting to play out.!

A set of circumstances starting with an idea to photograph something completely different has led me to create the image you see above. The nature of my practice ( working with an analogue large format camera) serves to channel my energy towards this direction. I have one shot. Everything must be right and I have to be decisive.

Between one notion and another idea, magic can happen.

And that is how I ended up with my “instant fox”.

Warm regards and until next time