Eva Vermandel – Splinter

Today I am pointing at another book I had the pleasure of spending the first and only evening (yesterday) with before even the artist could see the result of her endeavours.

“Eva Vermandel – Splinter” is a bit untypical for the normal photobook at Hatje Cantz I would say. It is a very personal and intimate book with photographs of the artist of friends her private “surroundings” – no impressive landscapes, no impressive large scale camera details of cityscapes, and other works in the photographic field Hatje Cantz maybe known for. Still it falls in line with the latest books we did with Tom Hunter, Nelli Palomäki and also to a certain degree Tobias Zielony, Wolfgang Tillmans.

Eva worked on this book wholeheartedly for a long time, still taking most of her pictures on film, and taking great care in every little details that was concerned, including editing, sequenzing and layout with her designer Filip de Baudringhien from Gent.

The images for example were not printed with the highest possible densities but a bit reduced to give them a slightly faded and not so shiny look – relating well to the subject matters she photographed and to her original prints.

In the attached pictures you can see my wife Angelika who when I brought the book home yesterday carefully studied it while smoking her sundowner cigarette on our terrace. The light and atmosphere of that “looking session” related so well to the content of the book that I had to show this here in a little page turning ballet. Another proof that real books are so much more beautiful than an IPad, at least on a wooden terrace with a nice sunset behind you…..and after looking at it she took it with her to show it to some friends of hers which must mean that she liked it.

P.S. The book will  be out later in September and a first presentation and booksigning will happen at the London Art Book Fair, Whitechappel Gallery, London, Saturday 14/09 between 4 and 5pm.  We will naturally show it at Paris Photo and also have a booksigning there with the artist.

see also: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/features/portfolio-belgian-photographer-eva-vermandel-kicks-against-the-modern-culture-of-disposability-8788686.html