Yves Klein

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Texte von: Sidra Stich Englisch Januar 1995, 292 Seiten, 224 Abb. gebunden 305mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-657-3
Eine prächtige Monografie über einen der großen Einzelgänger der Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts.

Yves Klein (1928-1962) is seen as the guardian of two traditions: the provocative tradition of Duchamp and the mystic tradition of Malevitsch. His complex and spectacular life and work, and the influence and controversy he generated in his own lifetime, make him one of the 20th century's most exciting artists. This publication presents his work for the first time in the context of the dramatic social, philosophical and political upheavals of the postwar era. The text by Sidra Stich not only examines the work of Yves Klein, but also analyses his ideas, writings, performances, and advertising campaigns. Interviews with over 50 people who knew Klein well and worked with him provide a wealth of information shedding new light on many aspects of the art and life of this brilliant personality. Moreover, his work is compared with the concepts of his contemporaries in Japan, America, Italy, Germany and France. This lavishly illustrated volume will appeal as much to the specialist as it will to the interested layperson. (German edition available ISBN 3-89322-656- 7) The artist: Yves Klein (Nice 1928-1962 London). 1946 development of his theories on monochromie, 1950 first monochrome exhibition Yes in London. 1957 first exhibition of the blue period in Milan. 1960 Anthropometries de l'Époque Bleue in Paris, first Cosmogonies and birth of the Nouveau Réalistes on October 27. Exhibition Yves Klein: Le Monochrome at Leo Castelli, New York, in 1961. Composed the Symphonie Monotone No. 2 in Honor of his marriage with Rotraut Uecker (January 21, 1962).