Joseph Beuys Arena - where would I have got if I had been intelligent

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Herausgegeben von: Lynne Cooke, Karen Kelly Einleitung von: Charles B. Wright Texte von: Lynne Cooke, Christopher Phillips Deutsch, Englisch Januar 1994, 296 Seiten, 151 Abb. gebunden 307mm x 229mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-630-6

Joseph Beuys' installation "Arena" consists of 100 panels featuring several hundred photographs from the artist's works between the late 40's and 1972. Not so much a documentation as an entreaty and not so much an autobiographical report as an allegorical portrait, "Arena" tells in pictures of his actions, performances, objects and sketches of the development and work of the magical artist Beuys. Like many of his works, "Arena" was constantly modified and developed over the years. An earlier version showed Beuys in Edinburgh in 1970. In 1972 he framed, extended and rearranged the panels for further exhibitions in conjunction with other actions in Naples and Rome (1972/73). The Dia Center for the Arts in New York, which includes "Arena" in its present collection, now attempts once again to give the "Beuys' spirit" free reign in an exhibition of his work in their own rooms. For the first time, this book documents this "interpretive act". (German edition out of print)