Jochen Gerz. Res Publica The Public Works 1968-1999

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Texte von: Rosanna Albertini, Andreas Hapkemeyer, Marion Hohlfeldt, Helga Pakasaar, Dr. Hans-Werner Schmidt Herausgegeben von: Museion - Museum für moderne Kunst, Bolzano Englisch September 1999, 148 Seiten, 140 Abb. Broschur 282mm x 219mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0884-5

In the eighties Jochen Gerz created the Monument against Fascism in Hamburg-Harburg. Since then his public works have aroused particular international interest. This first public monument by the artist clearly illustrates his new conception of monuments. The active involvement of the residents of Harburg was needed - with their help, the monument was sunk continually into the ground until it was almost completely submerged. Part of the pillar is still visible through a glass plate, but the monument lives on above all in the memory of those who helped to create it. The work exchanged its fixed location for a place in the hearts of the people. This book documents the public oeuvre of Jochen Gerz with photographs and texts: it presents the processes involved in creating the poster works from 1968 to the present, the large monuments and memorials from the past two decades and the artist's Internet sculptures, which exist exclusively in electronic space. Gerz's project for the Monument for the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin is also included, although this project has never been realised. The book also gives glimpses into the artist's work with the media of radio, newspapers and TV. (German edition available ISBN 3-7757-0883-9)