Sze Tsung Leong


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Sze Tsung Leong

Text(s) by Pico Iyer, Duncan Forbes, Joshua Chuang, Sze Tsung Leong, Charlotte Cotton, graphic design by Sze Tsung Leong


2014. 176 pp., 146 ills.


28.00 x 35.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3789-0

Striking panoramic photographs coalesce to create an image of the world

A widening of our horizons: in his Horizons series, the British-American artist Sze Tsung Leong (*1970 in Mexico City) combines wide-angle photographs of landscapes from throughout the world that exhibit fundamental, formal similarities and rhythms by connecting them with a common horizon line. Unconventional juxtapositions allow the viewer to transcend distances and boundaries and to leap from the glacial lake of Jökulsárlón in Iceland to the tropical Indian Ocean, from the Israeli separation barrier to the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, from the suburbs of California to the plains of Kenya. More than ten years in the making, Horizons gives an unfurled view of the surface of the globe.Thought-provoking and witty, poignant and playful, the series is above all a cumulative reminder of the complex and perpetually transforming relations between regions, cultures, and nations that constitute the planet we live on.

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Edition Hatje Cantz

Edition Hatje Cantz: Sze Tsung Leong

Sze Tsung Leong

Jebel Al-Ashrafiyyeh, Amman, 2007Parque El Ejido, Quito, 2010
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