Jårg Geismar

The Red Line

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Jårg Geismar
The Red Line

Ed. Prangtip Geismar, text(s) by Noemi Smolik, Kenny Schachter

German, English, French

2013. 304 pp., 329 ills.


22.30 x 28.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3633-6

Universal in statement, multimedia in form: the German artist’s work on fundamental questions of human existence, communication, and future

Latest works and a manifest and overview in one comprehensive monograph

Jårg Geismar’s (*1958 in Burgsvik, Sweden) art is often unwieldy and generally difficult to categorize. He creates objects and images, as well as ephemeral installations and temporary interventions, which cannot be pigeonholed and are not made first and foremost for the market – the opposite of much of which characterizes the highly commodified, global contemporary art world on the threshold of the new millennium. His art transcends the normal ambitions and aspirations of many a contemporary artist, and his highly individual position occupies a very personal space, while at the same time addressing issues with a universal message. Kenny Schachter and Noemi Smolik delve into Geismar’s fascinating world of art and socio-cultural interaction from two highly divergent starting points and open new perspectives and ways of seeing. Since the 1980s, the Swedish-born, German artist – a veritable globetrotter, who has lived for extended periods in both Japan and the United States – has been silently creating various trends within the contemporary art scenes at home and abroad. Transparency and ambiguity, tension and balance, lights and projectors, photographs and videos, drawings on carbon paper and cellophane, as well as actions and interventions involving cuisine and fashion, have all become trademarks of sorts. THE RED LINE reveals how Jårg Geismar transforms his inspiration taken from daily life and journeys into local neighborhoods around the world into his own unique and thought-provoking art. Geismar takes the viewer on a virtual journey into the self and helps to decode the often convoluted world that surrounds us.

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