Friedrich Seidenstücker

Von Nilpferden und anderen Menschen

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Friedrich Seidenstücker
Von Nilpferden und anderen Menschen

Text(s) by Ulrich Domröse, Florian Ebner, Wolfgang Brückle, Thomas Köhler, Sabine Schnakenberg, Ulrike Griebner, Christoph Ribbat, graphic design by Verena Gerlach

German, English

2011. 328 pp., 287 ills.


23.50 x 27.90 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3131-7

The standard work on the life and work of the Berlin-based photographer

Friedrich Seidenstücker (1882–1966) is noted for his atmospheric photographs of everyday life in Berlin during the Weimar Republic. Thanks to his compassionate studies of animals, he has an almost legendary reputation among animal and zoo lovers, and his haunting pictures of Berlin in ruins are a precious source of material for historians. His images seem to be spontaneous, sympathetic examples of the kind of photography that excels at capturing the moment. They are free of any exaggeration or extravagance, and display a sense of humor rarely found in photography. His work is buoyed by a fundamental optimism, yet it does not ignore the harshness, poverty, and suffering that prevailed at that time. Besides seven essays that deal with Seidenstücker’s work in the context of the history of early twentieth-century photography, this publication also contains a scholarly appendix.

Exhibition schedule: Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, October 1, 2011–February 6, 2012

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