Die 100 wichtigsten Dinge

Institut für Zeitgenossenschaft IFZ

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Die 100 wichtigsten Dinge
Institut für Zeitgenossenschaft IFZ

Ed. Tilman Ezra Mühlenberg, Samira El Ouassil, Martin Martin Schlesinger, Timon Karl Kaleyta, photographs by Mischa Lorenz, graphic design by Langesommer - Atelier für Grafikdesign und Typografie


2016. 256 pp., 100 ills.


20.20 x 20.20 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4114-9

The first book of conclusive truths

Contribution by Saša Stanišić, winner of Deutscher Buchpreis 2019

After years of intense research and analysis, the Institut für Zeitgenossenschaft IFZ is presenting its results for the first time in a comprehensive compendium: with Die 100 wichtigsten Dinge, the IFZ ventures to publish a book that defies any simplifying logic and yet has an attractive appearance. The goal: designating the conclusive material truths in a definitive, and understandable—even for non-academics—selection of exactly one hundred things—the most important (!) things.

This may initially hardly seem spectacular, by boiling the selection down to the number of one hundred texts and one hundred photographs, this volume constitutes the first guide for orienting oneself in today’s information society and introduces readers to a completely new perspective on the world of things. A book for everyone who wants to know more than they already do.

With short texts by Katja Eichinger, Rafael Horzon, Sophie Hunger, Daniel Kehlmann, Holger Liebs, Markus Lüpertz, Magnus Resch, Peter Richter, Saša Stanišić, Claudius Seidl, Christiane Stenger a.o.

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