Aram Dikiciyan


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Aram Dikiciyan

Ed. Nadine Barth, text(s) by Matthias Harder, Aram Dikiciyan, graphic design by Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt


2020. 96 pp., 92 ills.


23.50 x 31.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4777-6

Classic Beauty

Photography started out as black and white and analog. Today, these are conscious choices a photographer makes, with the camera, eye, and hand forming a unique symbiosis. Aram Dikiciyan’s pictures arise from the interplay of the extremely light-sensitive film he chooses to use, the many layers of motifs his finely-tuned eye selects, and a well-practiced process of development. It all works together to create an inimitable cosmos of images. The photographs are just this side of overexposed, capturing in black and white a fragile world hovering between the figural and the abstract. This volume of photos collects the masterpieces from the past decade and presents them in a splendid show: skilled craftsmanship becomes a feast for the eyes.

ARAM DIKICIYAN (*1974, Berlin) made a name for himself early on as part of the skater scene. He became internationally famous through his work in advertising and prominent magazines. Dikiciyan has lived in Tokyo since 2004.

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