Anatol Kotte


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Anatol Kotte

Graphic design by Julia Wagner grafikanstalt, foreword by Nadine Barth, Anatol Kotte

German, English

2015. 224 pp., 152 ills.


28.80 x 35.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4035-7

Not just a façade: what turns a photograph into an icon?

Rihanna, John Turturro, Angela Merkel, Martin Kippenberger, Mario Draghi, and Miss Piggy share two things: they are world famous, and they have all stood in front of the camera of Anatol Kotte. His unique portrait photographs have featured in publications such as Time, Die Zeit, Stern, or L’Uomo Vogue. But what makes Kotte’s photographs special? At first glance they are cool and distant, and at second glance emotional and dramatic. They permit those being portrayed to discover very different aspects of themselves. Kotte approaches them candidly, seeks a special gaze, an unexpected demeanor or environment—preferably in black and white, always moving. The portraits are also interspersed with surprising views of cities and landscapes. The world and individuals become icons, and we can take a very new look at them.

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