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"You're from Stuttgart? That's where Hatje, my publisher, lives. Do you know him? He makes beautiful books."
Marc Chagall in an interview with Hans Kinkel

"Change alone is eternal." (Arthur Schopenhauer)

In our program Hatje Cantz and I as the new publisher are committed to this motto more than ever - with our accustomed high quality we remain faithful to the standards set by Gerd Hatje: premium books that are produced in close collaboration with artists and curators. Our profile has always been shaped by tradition and avant-garde from all over the world. We present our program  in a bilingual preview catalogue, in which masters of the twentieth century such as Paul Klee, Paul Gauguin, and Eva Hesse meet contemporary artists such as Michael Borremans, Gerhard Richter, and Filip Dujardin.

Photo Gallery

  • Thorsten Brinkmann La Hütte Royal, 2013
  • Mars. Eine fotografische Entdeckung
  • Poppy | Trails of Afghan Heroin
  • dOCUMENTA(13)
  • dOCUMENTA(13)
  • Former Program Director for Photography Markus Hartmann at dOCUMENTA (13)
  • Gerhard Richter
  • Pop-Up-Showroom
  • Around 200 new releases every year
  • Present at fairs all over the world
  • Sales - Press - Online Marketing
  • Art to Hear
  • Gerd Hatje

Thank you very much for your continuing interest in our books!

Holger Liebs and the Hatje Cantz Team

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