Impressions from Photo Is:Rael

I was invited to go to Photo Is:Rael in Tel Aviv to be part of their open portfolio review organized by Artlink, but as well to present Der Greif and Picter there. Thanks so much for this, my first time at a photography festival that took place spread over three floors of a high rise building: floor 33-35. And what a view onto the beautiful city of Tel Aviv!

I’m showing a random selection of some of my favorites of the festival, again it’s details, often with reflections and shadows, sorry for that, but see it as a hint to check out some of the artists in case you shouldn’t know them!

Laura Letinsky, Untitled #14, III Form and Void, 2011:


Thibault Brunet, from Territoires Circonscrits / Relief 23, 2017:


Ariel Blitz:


Barak Zemer, Foot: