We congratulate the winners of the German Photo Book Award 2020!

Twice gold, twice silver, and twice bronze! This year's awards at the presentation of the German Photo Book Prize 2020|2021 are quite impressive!

We are especially pleased about the books DI_GI_TA_LIS by Achim Mohné, which was awarded "Gold" in the category "Conceptual Artistic Photo Book", and Amor by Kate Bellm in the category "Coffee Table Book".

Achim Mohné_DFBP   

The book project DI_GI_TA_LIS A Plant Scan Project by Achim Mohné is based on a performance by the media artist, in which plants are scanned using a high-tech process, printed out, and finally exhibited as pigment prints.


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Kate Bellm_DFBP

In Amor, Kate Bellm deals with impressions of friends and lovers who dream, kiss, and skateboard. The book shows a collection of the most beautiful snapshots that Kate Bellm has taken on her travels over the past ten years. 


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"Silver" was awarded to Kristian Schuller's Anton's Berlin and Observing Eye by Sanna Kannisto.

Kristian Schuller_DFBP


In Anton's Berlin, photographer Kristian Schuller sets out to capture Berlin city life with his camera. Schuller shows various characters from Berlin's nightlife - a nightlife that the city of Berlin stands for worldwide, characterized by artists, actors, musicians, and all those wonderful birds of paradise. 

Sanna Kannisto_DFBP

Sanna Kannisto's metier is nature photography. With her photographs of birds, she captures moments of extraordinary beauty that are both analytical and passionate. To do this, she uses her own working method and photographs the animals against a white background that is specially illuminated for this purpose.


Time Is No Longer Round by Santeri Tuori and the photo book Heiter bis wolkig were awarded "Bronze".

Santeri Tuori_DFBP   4821_Cover_Santeri Tuori_Vorzugsausgabe


Tuori's compositions of trees, tangled branches and clouds are subtle montages that arrange countless shots next to and on top of each other. The results are almost abstract nature photographs of captivating complexity, which, in harmony with the sublime representation of nature, lead the viewer to see beyond himself. 

Heiter bis wolkig_DFBP

Heiter bis wolkig (Cheerful to cloudy) is the formulation of the evening weather forecast at the end of the news, which promises everything and nothing. Home - what is it and where can it be recognized or identified? The three young photographers David Carreno Hansen, Sven Stolzenwald, and Christian Werner roam the country in search of the "typically German", which fascinates and alienates them at the same time. 


November 4, 2020

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