Was kostet Kunst?

Ein Handbuch für Sammler, Galeristen, Händler und Künstler

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Was kostet Kunst?
Ein Handbuch für Sammler, Galeristen, Händler und Künstler

Text(s) by Daniela Baumberg, Henrik Hanstein, Isabel von Klitzing, Christian Knebel, Florian Mercker, Andreas Schalhorn, Wolfram Völcker, Dirk Boll, ed. Wolfram Völcker, graphic design by Alexandra Zöller


2011. 152 pp., 28 ills.


16.60 x 24.20 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-2792-1

A knowledgeable and entertaining guidebook

What is an original, what is a one of a kind, and what is a work of art? How do the condition, provenance, and history of a work of art affect its value? What sort of standards and criteria are used to judge a work of art?

This and many other issues concerning the question of “How much does art cost?” are discussed by prominent experts, who explain how to classify and appraise a work of art from legal, conservational, and art-historical perspectives.

The authors elucidate the importance of the artist’s position in history, as well how works are classified within an artist’s oeuvre. Helpful details—such as how to arrive at the correct market price and how to find one’s way through the jungle of price databases—makes this anthology an excellent source of information for all collectors and art lovers, as well as for artists, galleries, auction houses, and everyone else involved in the art market.

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