Ville Lenkkeri

Reality in the Making

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Ville Lenkkeri
Reality in the Making

Contributions by Robert Enoch, text(s) by Harri Laakso

English, Finnish

2006. 144 pp., 60 ills.


30.20 x 23.10 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-1880-6

Before Ville Lenkkeri (*1972) began studying photography at the celebrated University of Art and Design (TaiK) in Helsinki, he studied film in Prague and also briefly in London. To this day, cinematography and film influence his artistic approach. In an early series titled Movies, the Finnish artist investigated the relationship between cinema and photography by integrating the factor of time. In his latest work complex, The World As We Know It, Lenkkeri employs a cinematic trick: he photographs settings, such as dioramas in natural history museums or murals in waiting rooms, so that his works move inside the disturbing, unfocused zone between reality and fiction. The presence of a figure, such as a museum guard, for example, heightens the ambivalent character of the photographs.
Reality in the Making presents this cycle of works by the young “Helsinki School” photographer, who already enjoys an international reputation.

Exhibition schedule: Synart Art Gallery, Frankfurt/Main, January 17–February 17, 2007 · Villa Oppenheim, Berlin, March 16–May 13, 2007 · Peter Lav Photo Gallery, Copenhagen, May 25–June 30, 2007

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Ville Lenkkeri

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