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Vanessa Beecroft

VB 08-36ZoomEdition Gerd HatjeVanessa BeecroftVB 08-36

VB 08-36

“Performances VB 08-36” Vanessa Beecroft (*1969 in Genoa) has participated in a wide variety of exhibitions, including the 1997 Venice Biennial. She lives and works in New York. Vanessa Beecroft’s attention-drawing performances are simultaneously disturbing and fascinating. She presents naked women as interchangeable sexual objects without individuality, while surrounding them with an aura of inviolability by removing the body from the mercantile world and placing it in a museum context. Our collector’s edition originated with a 1998 performance in the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig. This large-format offset edition, signed by the artist, has been out of print for years and has long been a sought-after collector’s item. We would like to now offer you the opportunity to acquire the few editions we have in our archives.

Vanessa Beecroft
VB 08-36

Offset print, uv varnished with silver foil stamping Sheet size: 92,3 x 136 cm Limited edition of 300, signed and numbered

out of print

€ 680.00

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