Art Basel ¦ Unlimited ¦ 2015

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Art Basel ¦ Unlimited ¦ 2015

Ed. Art Basel, graphic design by Jonathan Abbott, foreword by Marc Spiegler, introduction by Gianni Jetzer

German, English, French

2015. 176 pp., 75 ills.


16.60 x 21.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4005-0

Art Basel features ambitious art in large formats

For more than a decade, the special exhibition Unlimited has been taking place under the auspices of the world’s most important art show, Art Basel, first held in 1970. The concept for this large, museum-like exhibition within an art fair is unique and popular with both collectors and visitors alike. Every year, between sixty and seventy artists are given access to this exceptional platform, which pushes limitations and experiments with new forms of presentation. XXL works of art are on display, shown to their best effect in the gigantic, 17,000-square-meter hall. The current version of Unlimited promises both spectacle and profundity; it is not a museum that orders and classifies things, but a dynamic presentation of individual works of contemporary art. The classic catalogue documents and acts as a guide to the exhibition.

Art Basel¦Unlimited¦2015, Basel 18.-21.6.2015

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