Thorsten Brinkmann

La Hütte Royal, 2013 (Special Edition)

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Thorsten Brinkmann
La Hütte Royal, 2013 (Special Edition)

Ed. Evan Mirapaul, graphic design by Thorsten Brinkmann, photographs by Thorsten Brinkmann

German, English

2014. 20 pp., 16 ills.

vintage LP, artist booklet, limited, signed, numb.

31.20 x 31.40 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3757-9

Vinyl, artificial grass, disco balls, and the spirit of the 1970s in an amusingly absurdist house installation

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! A vintage LP and a booklet designed by the artist comprise a unique work of art

Thorsten Brinkmann calls Kurt Schwitters one of his most important “art heroes.” So naturally, the artist was intrigued by an invitation to convert an entire building into an art project: between 2011 and 2013 he transformed a deserted house in Pittsburgh, decorated in 1970s style, into a total work of art. Over the space of four stories Brinkmann (* 1971 in Herne) created more than dozen new rooms; in some places he took over the ensembles he found there, turning them into readymades. After his intervention, the unusual work of art now features, among other things, a boxing ring, a cinema, many of the artist’s photographic works, and a forest room (including a tent for camping at home), and last, but not least, a Raleigh chopper for Amazons.

For this limited and signed set, Brinkmann combines an LP from the abandoned record collection with a booklet that provides a look inside the house.

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