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Sophie Tottie

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Single Needle

Sophie Tottie

Fiction Is No Joke

Sophie Tottie (*1964 in Stockholm) lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.

Sophie Tottie explores various media—painting, photography, video, installations, and drawings. In her strongly theoretical work she often starts from a single line—the foundation of drawing—and uses abstract symbols in an attempt to capture and visualize complex, often scientific, phenomena. Tottie considers the question of how the whole can give rise to more than the sum of its parts: “In my work, the focus is on the image. I linger inside the two-dimensional surface and its obvious fiction.”

The image developed by Tottie for our Collector’s Edition corresponds precisely to her artistic approach: the print of an open notebook, decorated with multicolored Post-It notes, has been stitched by the artist. The unsettling physical effect and the dimensionality of this Collector’s Edition require effort on the viewer’s part if they are to be deciphered. The image is a marvelous trompe l’oeil which consciously reminds us of seventeenth-century Dutch still lifes, such as Samuel von Hoogstraten’s letter-racks.

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Sophie Tottie
Single Needle

Thread and pigment ink

on paper,

in portfolio

size: 35 x 35 cm

Edition: 25 + 2 e. a.

Signed, numbered


€ 600.00

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Sophie TottieSophie Tottie
Fiction Is No Joke
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