Seitensprünge – Impressionismus ohne Sockel

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Seitensprünge – Impressionismus ohne Sockel

Ed. Markus Stegmann, contributions by Dirk Boll, Dieter Schwarz, Markus Stegmann, graphic design by Barbieri Bucher


2018. 64 pp., 16 ills.


15.70 x 21.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4421-8

Impressionists meet historical everyday objects. An accompanying booklet

What is the reason for Impressionist works of art attaining such extraordinary value today? Is it out of pure reverence that any sense of the remarkable triviality of their motifs hardly exists any longer in these times? In the spring of 2018 the Museum Langmatt will present a thematic exhibition featuring outstanding works of Impressionism contrasted with surprising partners. French Impressionists and everyday objects from the museum’s cellar form unusual pairs here: Paul Cézanne’s Château Noir meets historical wine racks, The Boat by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is juxtaposed with old, boxed-up chandeliers, Alfred Sisley’s The Church of Moret faces an old iron railing. The companion book presents a look at the spatial correspondences between the exponents, and plumbs the depths of the theme with texts by experts from the art world.

Exhibition: 4.3.–13.5.2018, Museum Langmatt, Baden

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