Sabine Dehnel

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Sabine Dehnel

Text(s) by Heinz Stahlhut, Peter Forster, Constanze Musterer, graphic design by Anja Lutz

German, English

2013. 152 pp., 98 ills.


25.30 x 29.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3635-0

A sensual, critical combination of painting and photography

Sabine Dehnel (*1971 in Ludwigshafen) is part of the up-and-coming young German painting and photography scene. Her work blends painting, photography, and installation. The transition from one medium to another generally begins with the trivial photo, and moves to a painting, then to a temporary installation, and ultimately ends in a C-print. Yet the painterly aspect can be clearly seen in the photograph—in an altered setting, for instance. Also in her latest series, Mona, the viewer is not sure at first if the works are photographs or paintings. Here, Dehnel will paint the skin of her models, which she then photographs. Strictly limited to the colorful décolleté, upon which rests an amulet with black-and-white portraits of great women, the artist raises the issue of femininity and the mysterious relationship between idols and their admirers. This volume is an in-depth presentation of the artist’s entire body of work.

Exhibition schedule: Museum Wiesbaden September 29, 2013–January 26, 2014

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