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Robert Voit

Papaver orientale, Türkischer Mohn, Zwei Blütenknospen, 2015ZoomEdition Gerd HatjeRobert VoitPapaver orientale, Türkischer Mohn, Zwei Blütenknospen, 2015

Papaver orientale, Türkischer Mohn, Zwei Blütenknospen, 2015

Robert Voit, once a graduate student under Thomas Ruff at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, became known to a larger public with his series New Trees. In his documentation of cell phone towers, which are “camouflaged” all around the world with gigantic fir tree, palm, or cactus shells, he devoted himself to the recurring questions about authenticity and artificiality, nature and culture. What is still real in our world of today, and what is simply humbug? In his current black-and-white series The Alphabet of New Plants, alluding to Karl Blossfeldt’s Alphabet of Plants (Urformen der Kunst) from 1928, Voit continues his photographic analysis of deceptive images and fakes. It is only upon second glance that one recognizes—in the texture of the leaves or the messy contours of a plastic stem, for example—the ubiquitous artificial flowers that are used as decoration everywhere.
We are very pleased to be able to offer you a photograph of two poppy buds, whose austere form and scientific presentation strongly recalls its famous predecessor. In this inkjet print on age-resistant Museo silver rag paper, Voit once again questions perception and reality.

Robert Voit
Papaver orientale, Türkischer Mohn, Zwei Blütenknospen, 2015

Inkjet print on Museo Silver Rag paper

Sheet size: 36.22 x 30 cm, image size: 26.22 x 20 cm,

Limited edition of 25 + 2 a.p, signed and numbered


€ 680.00

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Robert VoitRobert Voit
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