Photography to the Test of Abstraction / La photo à l’epreuve de l’abstraction

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Date of publication November 2020

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Photography to the Test of Abstraction / La photo à l’epreuve de l’abstraction

Graphic design by Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt, ed. Frac Normandie Rouen, text(s) by Nathalie Giraudeau, Véronique Souben

English, French

2020. 224 pp., 132 ills.


16.00 x 24.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4771-4

Abstract Photography?

Photography has been called “nature’s pen,” for it is incomparable in its ability to capture and keep images of the world on paper. It therefore makes sense to associate this medium mainly with figural images. Three museums would like to clear up this misunderstanding in this book. At its center is today’s multifaceted, imaginative abstract photography, which fluctuates between analog and digital images. This publication compiles non-figurative works of photography to create a comprehensive, fundamental survey. Here, famous fine art photographers such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Thomas Ruff and Catherine Opie meet exciting, newly discovered photographers. Supplementing the book’s inventive visual worlds are interviews with the artists and explanatory texts by renowned critics.

THE ARTISTS Xavier Antin, Walead Beshty, Juliana Borinski, Stan Douglas, Paul Graham, Barbara Kasten, Anaïs Leu, Catherine Opie, Eileen Quinlan, Thomas Ruff, Laure Tiberghien, Wolfgang Tillmans, James Welling, et al.

EXHIBITIONS Frac Normandie Rouen September 12.– December 6, 2020 Micro Onde – Centre d'Art de l'Onde September 19.– November 2, 2020 Centre Photographique d'Île-de-France September 26–Dezember 13, 2020

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