Peter Land

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Peter Land

Ed. Renate Wiehager, Villa Merkel Esslingen, Beatrix Ruf, Kunsthaus Glarus, Knut Nievers, Stadtgalerie Kiel, text(s) by Lars Bang Larsen, Knut Nievers, Peter Land, Renate Wiehager

German, English

2000. 144 pp., 263 ills.


23.10 x 30.90 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-9056-7

The Danish artist Peter Land has mainly shown video works since 1994, but he constantly accompanies them with drawings and photographic works. Land's work deals with selfexposure: of the body, the person, the artist and ultimately of society. His images demonstrate the tragi-comic failure of human attempts to appear competently, casually and yet convincingly in societally determined roles - and they deal with the absurdity, the shattering ridiculousness, the clown-like sadness that is associated with the failure of these attempts. The nakedness and weakness with which Land confronts us also in this monograph are part of an ideologized, rationalized and exhibitionistic present. The artist: Peter Land, born 1966 in Aarhus, Denmark. 1988-1994 student at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, 1994/95 at Goldsmith College, London. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

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