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Peter Granser

Recruiting StationZoomEdition Gerd HatjePeter GranserRecruiting Station

Recruiting Station

Peter Granser’s witty photographs from his Coney Island project capture the special, morbid charm of dilapidated American amusement parks. The colorful impressions of sweaty beach bums and sailors in drag, shabby snack bars, and rusty roller coasters give a sympathetic view of vaudeville splendor gone seedy.

The photograph Granser has selected for our collector’s edition shows a recruiting station: a rundown, wooden shack that seems woefully out of place next to the optimistic colors of a hamburger chain. Granser’s ironic sideswipe at American patriotism and daily life is exquisitely condensed in this wonderful photograph.

Peter Granser
Recruiting Station

C-print in folder, with book
Sheet size: 40 x 30 cm
Image size: 27,9 x 27,9 cm
Limited edition of 30 + 5 a.p.,
signed and numbered

out of print

€ 480.00

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