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Peter Bialobrzeski

Paradise Now-38ZoomEdition Gerd HatjePeter BialobrzeskiParadise Now-38

Paradise Now-38

In his new project, Paradise Now , the photographer examines the transformation of urban wastelands, many of them located on the peripheries of cities. The photographs were taken in more than twenty-eight cities and fourteen countries—including Hamburg , Dubai , New York , Singapore , New Delhi , and Kuala Lumpur —and portray the phenomenon of the transition from old to new, from the familiar to the abstract. These images are as seductive as nineteenth-century Romantic paintings, but their apparent beauty is deceptive. As in his earlier works, Bialobrzeski masterfully explores the limitations of the documentary image.

In the apparently untouched, vine-covered, idyllic jungle of our Collector’s Edition, a second look will reveal a brightly lit high-rise in the background. The closer civilization and its destructive forces come to the jungle, the more nature is pushed back. From the perspective of a jungle animal, we look out from the treetops in the foreground, across to the human world, as it comes dangerously close.

Peter Bialobrzeski
Paradise Now-38

C-print in folder
Sheet size: 30.4 x 40.4 cm
Image size: 28 x 36 cm
Limited edition of 25 + 3 a.p.,
signed and numbered

out of print

€ 680.00

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