Oksun Kim

Jeju Island

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Oksun Kim
Jeju Island

Ed. ILWOO Foundation, foreword by Suejin Shin, text(s) by Michiko Kasahara, graphic design by Greige. Mark Kiessling, Birthe Haas, Berlin


2018. 176 pp., 56 ills.

Hardcover with japanese binding

23.00 x 28.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4457-7

“The Shining Things”: on this volcanic island, every tree is one of a kind

Trees are deeply rooted in the earth. Marked by wind and weather, they are a firm component of the world, of the life that surrounds them. As a photographer, Oksun KIM (*1967) takes the role of an observer, and in her latest work, turns to the trees on the South Korean volcanic island of Jeju-do. Her photographs document the forms and colors of the trees, and a comparison of the similarities and differences of these forms and colors points out the individuality of each tree. Oksun KIM’s trees are like people who have stood still for a long time in the same place and have become deeply interwoven into the chaos and life around them.

Oksun KIM was awarded the Ilwoo Foundation’s prize, which now exhibits her series “The Shining Things”. The photobook presents her works in a high-quality book with a Japanese binding.

Ilwoo Foundation, Seoul

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