Niko Luoma

For Each Minute, Sixty-Five Seconds

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Niko Luoma
For Each Minute, Sixty-Five Seconds

Text(s) by Timothy Persons, Lyle Rexer, Duncan Wooldridge, graphic design by Juha Nenonen


2021. 192 pp.,

Swiss softcover

with inserted original print "Self-Titled Adaptation of Version No. 2 of Lying Figure with Hypodermic Syringe (1968), Version 3, 2019"

Format: 29 x 23,5 cm
Ed. 50+10AP

24.50 x 30.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-5109-4

Photo Painting

In his most recent series Adaptations, Niko Luoma draws upon art history to find the subjects for his reconstructions, subjectively rendering the essence of artworks such as Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers, Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman or David Hockney’s splashes. For our special edition, Luoma has chosen the famous 1968 “Lying Figure with Hypodermic Syringe” by Francis Bacon. In a fascinating visual game, he slowly builds up his image through multiple exposures, using cut-out templates as a means for blocking and redirecting light through a series of standard color lenses. His approach is not to duplicate the original but to interpret it in the spirit of how it was conceived.

NIKO LUOMA (*1970, Helsinki) is one of the most independent representatives of the Helsinki School. He studied photography in Boston and Helsinki. His works have been seen in renowned museums worldwide and can be found in prominent collections. In 2012 Hatje Cantz released And Time is No Longer an Obstacle.

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