Niko Luoma

For Each Minute, Sixty-Five Seconds

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Date of publication May 2021

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Niko Luoma
For Each Minute, Sixty-Five Seconds

Text(s) by Timothy Persons, Lyle Rexer, graphic design by Juha Nenonen


2021. 184 pp., 150 ills.

Swiss softcover

25.00 x 30.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4689-2

Photo Painting

No one uses the camera like the photographer Niko Luoma. He is not interested in capturing the world in front of his lens. He uses light to create his own visual spheres. Using up to a thousand multiple exposures he applies individual elements of color and form to the negative, layer by layer. Meticulous calculations and geometrical skills are the necessary foundation for this. The results are abstract photographs of impressive, colorful intensity and luminosity. This book of photos is based on the series Adaptations, which reproduces famous works by other artists. Luoma presents a fascinating visual game in which the independent charisma of the photographs acts in concert with its reverence toward Francis Bacon, David Hockney, Vincent van Gogh, or Pablo Picasso. With tongue in cheek referencing, Luoma thus realizes the avant-garde’s desire to liberate photography from reproducing reality, allowing it to become an art.

NIKO LUOMA (*1970, Helsinki) is one of the most independent representatives of the Helsinki School. He studied photography in Boston and Helsinki. His works have been seen in renowned museums worldwide and can be found in prominent collections. In 2012 Hatje Cantz released And Time is No Longer an Obstacle.

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