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Monika Grzymala

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Monika Grzymala (*1970 in Zabrze, Poland) creates temporary interventions in space, which—closely responding to the site at which they are produced—turn the line into a three-dimensional drawing. Her works are based on the fundamental examination of drawing as a medium as well as the medium of paper. In order to be able to translate the line into sculpture, the artist appropriated the Washi technique of making paper by hand. The drawing in these new works is the relief-like, heavily textured paper itself.

The sculptural drawing the installation artist has made for the Collector’s Edition is, next to the photographs, objects, and paintings in our program, a special object. The delicate work on paper is made of bast bart from the Asian mulberry tree, so-called kozo, and of abaca, the fibre a tropical banana plant. Crossing lines accentuate the organic structure of the natural white rag paper, and, like a sublime relief, span a space that is open to all sides and goes beyond the edge of the image following five different principles of image. At the same time each these meticulously executed, handmade pieces rests harmoniously inside the closed form of the square format.

Exhibition schedule: Biennale of Sydney June 27–September 16, 2012

Monika Grzymala
Aerial, 2011

High relief in handmade paper of mulberry, abaca, and kozo fibers in dark gray archival box with certificate
Sheet size: 33 x 33 x 2 cm
Limited edition of 15 originals, signed, in 3 sets with 5 different copies. The price is for one piece


€ 1,200.00

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