Moderne Architekur in Deutschland 1900 bis 2000

Bd.3: Macht und Monument

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Moderne Architekur in Deutschland 1900 bis 2000
Bd.3: Macht und Monument

Ed. Romana Schneider, Wilfried Wang, text(s) by Friedrich Achleitner, Jean-Louis Cohen, Kenneth Frampton, Winfried Nerdinger, Wolfgang Pehnt, Wilfried Wang u.a.


1998. 300 pp., 296 ills.


23.10 x 30.60 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-0713-8

Following the first two volumes of this trilogy, Reform und Tradition (1992) and Expressionismus und Neue Sachlichkeit (1994), the present volume, Macht und Monumente, covers the period from the Wilheminian era to the planning phase for the old and new capital Berlin in a focus upon the use of modern architectural resources in the representation of political and social elites. Unlike its predecessors, this third volume does not end with the year 1950 but encompasses the entire century in an attempt to demonstrate the manner in which modes of expression and intentions in efforts to establish monumental political systems or economic power, social movements or religious communities have changed or retained a measure of continuity. While power may be reflected in monumentality, it also finds expression in anti-monumental structures and urban development planning. The fields of tension that lie between these two poles are explored in this comprehensive volume, which brings to a close the epochal D.A.M. series entitled Modern Architektur in Deutschland.

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