Miriam Cahn


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Miriam Cahn

Ed. Miriam Cahn, graphic design by Ludovic Balland


2023. 300 pp.,


16.00 x 24.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-5484-2

In her oil paintings as well as charcoal, chalk, graphite and color pencil drawings, photographs, films and installations Swiss artist MIRIAM CAHN (*1949, Basel) explores political and social themes. Cahn’s works are characterized by an intense color palette combined with recurring motifs of violence, tenderness, war, devastation, and physical vulnerability. Commenting on her own work in writing is central to Cahn’s artistic practice. She examines her own works, reflecting on art and current affairs, and often juxtaposes her texts with her artworks in exhibitions and publications.

ÉCRITS DE COLÈRE is the first text-only compilation of her writing, and includes essays, journal entries, and correspondence with friends, foes, family members, and gallerists. The book provides deeply personal insights into Miriam Cahn’s life, her family, and the art industry, introducing the reader to a pugnacious, independent spirit.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris,
February 17–May 7, 2023

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