Maxim Kantor

Wasteland Atlas

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Maxim Kantor
Wasteland Atlas

Ed. Margret Stuffmann, Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie, Frankfurt/Main, text(s) by Ulrike Goeschen, Vittorio Hösle


2001. 160 pp., 70 ills.

softcover with supplement

25.10 x 28.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-1117-3

In his new cycle of graphic prints Wasteland Atlas, which is also the centerpiece of the book at hand, the Moscow artist Maxim Kantor sums up his oeuvre to date. In 70 large-format sheets and 7 letters, he devotes his attention to a topic which has been dominating cultural debates in Russia since the time of Peter the Great: Russia between the East and the West, between Asia and Europe. And yet, this not only refers to current affairs but also to a basic polarity in Kantor´s work itself: already his paintings, works for which he has mainly known, combine topics from everyday life in Russia with a strong neo-expressive gesture - something quite alien to the Russian tradition in art. While from the very beginning his intention has been to re-establish art in the human likeness, this first cycle reveals just how far his claim to a rebirth of the human image in the Christian tradition of Western civilization actually goes. In a time which is increasingly characterized by the sciences in the West and determined by enormous social problems in the East, Kantor´s position is of a special and acute relevance. (German edition available ISBN 3- 7757-1116-3) The artist: Maxim Kantor, born 1957 in Moscow. 1975-1980 he studied at the Polytechnic Institute in Moscow. In 1983 formation of independent artists groups. Since 1987 he stays abroad in Boston, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin, and London. In 1997 participation at Venice Biennale (Russian Pavilion). Lives in Moscow.

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