Léopold Rabus

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Léopold Rabus

Text(s) by Markus Stegmann, contributions by Joël Vacheron, graphic design by Maarten Evenhuis, ed. Doede Hardeman

German, English, Dutch, French

2009. 160 pp., 136 ills.


25.20 x 30.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-2546-0

Fairy-tale-like and frequently a bit gruesome—the romantic paintings by Léopold Rabus

The human figures depicted by the Swiss artist Léopold Rabus (*1977) are ill-fated, gruesome, awkward, or crazy, yet always humorous. Against the backdrop of a realistically rendered woodland scene and toadstools, a deserted shed, or a wooden house in the forest, he paints people from his immediate surroundings: Neuchâtel in northwestern Switzerland. Today, it seems that everyone wants to broaden their horizons and see everything of the world—but not Rabus. What fascinates him is the local context, the traditions of his home. But they are disappearing. In Neuchâtel, for example, it used to be the custom to collect hair from the head of a deceased loved one and make it into a flower composition. Now, by contrast, that tradition is regarded as very strange, even morbid. For Rabus, practices like this are intimate and moving. This one inspired him to produce a woodland house that at first glance looks perfectly normal, but is actually covered entirely with human hair!

Exhibition schedule : GEM -Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague, November 14, 2009–February 7, 2010 · Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen, February 28–May 23, 2010 · Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, June 13–September 5, 2010

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