L'art c'est quoi?

27 Questions27 Reponses

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L'art c'est quoi?
27 Questions27 Reponses

Ed. Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, photographs by Andri Pol, text(s) by Daniel Kramer, Janine Schmutz, Stefanie Bringezu, graphic design by Müller+Hess


2012. 216 pp., 39 ills.


13.10 x 17.20 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3528-5

Immersed in the world of art: for young readers and adults alike

With outstanding photographs by Andri Pol

What would life be like without art? That is not a rhetorical question—there has been much philosophizing and speculating on it. Still, when was the last time that someone seriously tried to answer that question? This publication allows the reader to plunge quickly into the world of art. Young people have formulated twenty-seven questions, all earnest, amusing, and profound: How did art begin? What does an artist do when he doesn’t like his own work? Is graffiti art? The easy question-and-answer structure invites readers to leaf through the book as the whim takes them, discovering important concepts, historical developments, and specific knowledge about museums, works of art, and artists in the process. With its expertise, the education department of the Fondation Beyeler guarantees a challenging level, while about fifteen experts deliver personal statements in reply to the question “What is art?” Photographs by the famous Swiss photographer Andri Pol accompany the texts. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-3526-1; English edition ISBN 978-3-7757-3527-8).

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