Langmatt, Licht, Libellen

Impressionismus gestern und heute

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Langmatt, Licht, Libellen
Impressionismus gestern und heute

By Markus Stegmann, graphic design by Gabriele Sabolewski


2016. 144 pp., 88 ills.


24.30 x 29.60 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4174-3

Contemporary art in conversation with masterpieces of Impressionism

The former family villa of the industrialist Sidney Brown-Sulzer in the Swiss city of Baden now houses the Museum Langmatt with its exquisite collection of primarily major examples of French Impressionism. The exhibition presents choice Impressionist works and juxtaposes them with those by international contemporary artists. The two points of view enter into a dialogue that enables viewers to make visual comparisons and provides them with new insight into the treatment of light, movement, and surface in art. In recent decades, the scrutiny of painterly possibilities has developed into a principal topos, particularly in photography. At the same time, the increasing mediatization of our reality leads to a longing for intense encounters with nature and landscape. A promising confluence that can now also be experienced with this catalogue.

Exhibition: Museum Langmatt, Baden 25.9–11.12.2016

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