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Kyungwoo Chun

This appearance: One-Hour-PortraitZoomEdition Gerd HatjeKyungwoo ChunThis appearance: One-Hour-Portrait

This appearance: One-Hour-Portrait

The striking photographs of Kyungwoo Chun are produced with a highly unusual technique. The artist takes a great deal of time for each picture, using exposure times of up to several hours in some cases to capture more than the facial features of his models. He appears to record nothing less than their aura, their entire personality in all of its complexity. Chun is also firmly convinced that his presence influences his photographs—that these unique works can be created only through dialogue between the photographer and the subject.

Kyungwoo Chun has handdyed each of the prints in this expressive Collector’s Edition, thus heightening the depth and the unique quality of the selected motif.

Kyungwoo Chun
This appearance: One-Hour-Portrait

Baryta print, handdyed, inserted in book
Sheet Size: 29 x 23 cm
Image Size: 26.5 x 21 cm
Limited edition of 25 + 5. a. p.,
signed, numbered

out of print

€ 400.00

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