Jimmie Durham


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Jimmie Durham

Text(s) by Jimmie Durham

Series: dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken

German, English

2011. 24 pp., 5 ills.


15.00 x 21.30 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-2898-0

“We live in a world of our own construction . . ., and I want to look at that strangeness in the framework of material,” the artist Jimmie Durham says. Taking the form of notes from a series of lectures given in Venice, Durham explores our relationship to the world through materials, whether they are concrete substance such as wood, oak, petroleum, or plastics, or abstract, theoretical matters such as math, prime numbers, or computing. His notebook breathes life into the notion that “our knowledge of the world comes from the way we are constructed. We construct the world as we are constructed”. By using wood and petroleum as his focal points, he leads us through the history of the construction of Venice, to a sculpture and its built-in mistake, and finally to how the tissue in fish is filled with so much plastic that a scientist friend no longer eats the animals.

Jimmie Durham (*1940) is an artist, political activist, and writer living in Berlin and Rome.

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Portrait of the Artist

Jimmie Durham (*1940 in Washington, Arkansas) was active in the 1960s on the Texas theater, literature, and performance scene, as well as in the civil rights movement. More »


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Art Dictionary


The documenta (Kassel, Germany) is regarded as the world´s most important exhibition of contemporary art today. Ever since the first show in 1955, the documenta has made considerable contributions to the history of art.

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