James Turrell

the other horizon

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James Turrell
the other horizon

Ed. Peter Noever, MAK, Wien, text(s) by Daniel Birnbaum, Georges Didi-Hubermann, Michael Rotondi, Paul Virilio, Daniela Zyman, contributions by Peter Noever

German, English

2001. 248 pp., 148 ills.


22.20 x 29.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-9062-8

In 1967, when 23-year-old James Turrell created his first light projection, he broke new ground in a way that would decisively influence his generation and the development of art. Although he was working in the context of Minimal Art and the Earthwork movement, and he shared some individual structural features with the works of these groups, there are categorical differences that distinguish Turrell's unique position in art right up to the present. the other horizon uses representative works by Turrell to show the individual phases of development in his preoccupation with the phenomenon of light - from the first group of works from Projection Pieces to his Roden Crater Projects, in which the American artist has been working for more than twenty years to bring together his earlier work groups and the 'powerful' light phenomena of nature which are beyond all human control. A separate chapter is devoted to Turrell's various architectural projects - such as the light installations in Leipzig and Bregenz that transform the buildings into translucent sculptural bodies.

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