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Jacqueline Hassink

Laki 2 A and 2 BZoomEdition Gerd HatjeJacqueline HassinkLaki 2 A and 2 B

Laki 2 A and 2 B

The Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink (*1966 in Enschede) focuses our gaze upon an increasingly more interconnected digital world. In Unwired Landscapes she seeks places where it is impossible to build out the network, where there are dead spots. These remote areas, such as the Japanese island of Yakushima, a group of Norwegian islands known as the Spitzbergen, or the uninhabitable volcanic desert of Iceland, are captured by her lens, along with artificial dead zones in urban areas, such as the Digital Detox Hotel in Baden-Baden. For our edition we’ve selected a diptych taken in the Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland.

Jacqueline Hassink
Laki 2 A and 2 B

(diptych) 64°4´12´´N 18°14´11´´W

Road F206, Vatnajökull, Iceland

Summer, 19 August 2015

sheet size: 33 x 79,8cm

Limited edition: 20

Date of publication September 2019

€ 1,200.00

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