with artists and curators

How does an exhibition arise? What kinds of ideas and thoughts go into creating it? How does the dialog between exhibition organizer and artist develop? How do artists themselves talk about their work?

Our interviews offer a glimpse behind the scenes. We talk to the curators responsible for working out the concept of an exhibition, who reveal interesting details and background information; and to the artists, who offer personal insights into their work. Hatje Cantz makes art accessible.

Kristian Ly Serena and Dominique Hauderowicz 


Interview with Kristian Ly Serena and Dominique Hauderowicz

Interview with Kristian Ly Serena and Dominique Hauderowicz

Public space too often excludes senior citizens, say Kristian Ly Serena and Dominique Hauderowicz, two young architects from Denmark. The ideas in their book, Age Inclusive Public Space – From Mini-Parks to Japanese Waterways, prove that it can be done better. More »

Alastair Philip Wiper 


Interview with Alastair Philip Wiper

Interview with Alastair Philip Wiper

The photographer Alastair Philip Wiper is not only celebrating the human ingenuity in this book. His photographs also show us where we are going wrong in the world, symbols of overconsumption and the negative aspects of capitalism.  More »

Jan Scheffler 


Interview with Jan Scheffler

Interview with Jan Scheffler

Jan Scheffler captures the light and vastness of the north in his photographs. In a conversation with Deutschlandfunk Kultur he talks about the title of his book, which isn’t as surprising as it might seem at first, and how he goes on the hunt for the endangered beauties of nature.  More »

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