Ingo Niermann

Drill Dich

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Ingo Niermann
Drill Dich

Introduction by Chus Martínez, by Ingo Niermann

Series: dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken

German, English

2011. 44 pp., 5 ills.


10.60 x 15.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-2883-6

Berlin-based author Ingo Niermann deals with the subject matter called “drill.” In this notebook, he proclaims the self-determined drill as a new societal doctrine and gives practical instructions. After an era of opening and transgressing borders, drill could be the next step: the freedom to coerce oneself. For this purpose, the reader can participate in actions proposed by the author, such as “Join the U.S. Army,” where non-Americans can offer their services to the U.S. Army; or could decide to live a year as if it were the last. The culmination is the Drill Palace, modeled on Cedric Price’s unrealized Fun Palace, where you participate in drills, develop drills, or witness them as a spectator.

Ingo Niermann (*1969) is a writer living in Berlin.

Chus Martínez (*1972) is Member of the Core Agent Group and Head of Department for dOCUMENTA (13).

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The documenta (Kassel, Germany) is regarded as the world´s most important exhibition of contemporary art today. Ever since the first show in 1955, the documenta has made considerable contributions to the history of art.

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