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Ingar Krauss

Untitled, Sarah, MilanZoomEdition Gerd HatjeIngar KraussUntitled, Sarah, Milan

Untitled, Sarah, Milan

Ingar Krauss

Ingar Krauss (*1965 in Berlin) lives and works in Berlin.

The photographs of Ingar Krauss are unmodern in the best sense of the word. Printed on old photo paper, they look tinted and timeless. The subjects, all of whom are children or adolescents, gaze earnestly into the camera, without smiling. Krauss asks his models to concentrate at all times, and thus these clear children’s faces already reveal touching traces of their experiences in life and often convey a palpable mood of melancholy – as in our fine Collector’s Edition.

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Ingar Krauss
Untitled, Sarah, Milan

Baryta print
Sheet size: 30 x 24 cm
Image size: 25 x 20.5 cm
Limited edition of 25 + 5 a.p., signed and numbered

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€ 380.00

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Ingar KraussIngar Krauss
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