Idris Khan

A World Within

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Idris Khan
A World Within

Ed. The New Art Gallery Walsall, text(s) by Oliver Basciano, Idris Khan, Thomas Marks, Deborah Robinson, Stephen Snoddy, graphic design by Herman Lelie


2017. 304 pp., 134 ills.


25.00 x 29.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4309-9

Consolidation of color and form

If time were condensed into a single moment, the world might look like one of Idris Khan’s works of art. Born in Birmingham in 1978, the artist, who’s currently rising rapidly in the art world, works with photographs, sculptures, installations, paintings, and film. He always layers various media—for example, every page of the Quran, the scores for every Beethoven sonata, or every JMW Turner postcard from the Tate Britain—in a way that condenses the colors and shapes so much that they become abstract. The British newspaper The Guardian describes Khan’s works as “experiments in compressed memories.” The catalogue from The New Art Gallery Walsall illustrates the whole palette of Khan’s art and shows the meditative, yet monumental character of his work.

Exhibition: 3 February — 7 May 2017, The New Art Gallery Walsall

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