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Hans-Christian Schink

Watari, Kawaguchi Shrine, Miyagi Prefecture, 2012ZoomEdition Gerd HatjeHans-Christian SchinkWatari, Kawaguchi Shrine, Miyagi Prefecture, 2012

Watari, Kawaguchi Shrine, Miyagi Prefecture, 2012

Hans-Christian Schink is one of the most important representatives of contemporary landscape photography. The focus of his works of art—many of which take years to complete—is the dialogue between nature and civilization. His artistic breakthrough came with his subtle photographic study, “Traffic Projects”, about the tremendous change in the East German landscape during the post-unification period, when infrastructure was being built.

In early 2012 the photographer received a grant from the Villa Kamogawa Kyoto to travel along the coast of the Tohoku region in northeastern Japan, which was shaken by a strong earthquake and then devastated by a destructive tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Our Collector’s Edition, a giclée print on very white cotton rag paper made by the Hahnemühle art paper manufacturer, shows the Kawaguchi Shrine in the city of Watari one year after the natural disaster: an impressive, even touching image of the post-human stillness, and the deep scars still remaining in the landscape.

A high-end reproduction of a work of art made on an inkjet printer is called a giclée. The printing method allows for the finest gradations in tonal values and excellent detail, and is done with UV-resistant pigment inks on sturdy, layered, archive-quality art paper.

Hans-Christian Schink
Watari, Kawaguchi Shrine, Miyagi Prefecture, 2012

Archival giclée print with pigmented ink on rag paper (Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White)
Sheet size: 48 x 40.4 cm, image size: 38 x 30.4 cm
Limited edition of 12 + 3 a. p., signed and numbered

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€ 780.00

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About Hans-Christian Schink

Photographer, lives in Berlin and Leipzig

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Hans-Christian SchinkHans-Christian Schink
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